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TIER IV unveils “fanfare”: A white-label EV solution ready for driverless autonomous driving

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TIER IV unveils "fanfare": A white-label EV solution ready for driverless autonomous driving

TIER IV, a leader in open-source autonomous driving (AD) technology, proudly announces “fanfare“, an innovative solution designed to ease and accelerate the production of AD-enabled electric vehicles (EVs). This solution offers white-label EV models, empowering customers to commercialize these vehicles under their own brand names and efficiently incorporate AD features.                                                                                        

Solution Overview

The Japanese Government is at the forefront of the Level 4[1] AD initiative, with a goal to deploy Level 4 AD services in at least 50 regions by 2025 and 100 regions by 2027 in Japan. However, the current market faces challenges in procuring affordable EVs certified for Level 4 AD services to meet the high demand.

In response, TIER IV has partnered with multiple car manufacturers to develop a scalable electrical/electronic (E/E) architecture[2] and a redundant drive-by-wire module, enabling customers to define AD features through add-on components. To ease the production of EVs using these technologies and accelerate the deployment of driverless AD services, TIER IV has also published the “L4 Custom Design Guidelines.[3] These guidelines provide basic information intended to advise car manufacturers on integrating AD features into baseline EVs and testing them to comply with Level 4 standards. This initiative has created a new opportunity for manufacturing AD-enabled EVs in domestic production facilities.

Our EV solution “fanfare”, established through these achievements, empowers customers to develop and operate AD-enabled EVs under their own brand names. To ensure a seamless customer experience, comprehensive after-sales services are also under preparation. The initial plan is to introduce this new solution with a minibus model in 2023, gradually expanding the lineup to include multiple models by 2024. TIER IV aims to produce 300 units of AD-enabled EVs with partners in 2025 and continues building up an environment for partners to accelerate mass production of AD-enabled EVs for diverse purposes.

Key Features

With a strong focus on safety, TIER IV has conducted numerous Proof-of-Concept projects demonstrating AD services in multiple counties, actively engaging with regulatory authorities and experts in the corresponding regions. Lessons learned from these projects serve as the best practice for AD-enabled EVs with Level 4 standards to adhere to traffic safety rules and vehicle equipment safety standards. Leveraging this expertise, fanfare’s EV models are designed to accommodate various operational design domains (ODDs)[4] with open specifications of AD software.

The E/E architecture adopted in this solution meets the necessary safety standards, featuring redundant designs for sensors, computers, and drive-by-wire modules dedicated to AD technology to prevent inability to brake or steer due to a single point of failure. These design specifications are also standardized through international industry organizations such as Mobility In Harmony (MIH)[5] and the Autoware Foundation (AWF)[6].

For the initial phase, fanfare’s baseline EVs are procured from multiple car manufacturers, expanded to be compatible with Level 4 AD systems, and then sold to customers as white-label EVs. While there may be differences among the baseline EVs from different manufacturers, TIER IV ensures stable performance and quality to meet vehicle equipment safety standards. As a result, a common set of AD features can be installed in our white-label EVs.

Future Outlook

Following the release of the initial line of EV models TIER IV empowers third-party companies to begin mass production of the same EV models by disclosing the design specifications through the “L4 Custom Design Guidelines” initiative. TIER IV is also actively exploring new opportunities to engage with as many car manufacturers as possible that can provide baseline EVs compatible with the open specifications of fanfare’s EV models. Driven by its commitment to sustainable mobility, TIER IV is dedicated to refining AD-enabled EVs and expanding its vehicle selection to meet the growing demand for driverless AD services in the future.

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