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Mahindra Unveils Its First Electric SUV- The XUV400

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Mahindra Unveils Its First Electric SUV- The XUV400

On the event of World EV Day, Mahindra, India’s leading EV manufacturer, launched the XUV400, the first EV car from Mahindra, featuring the twin peaks logo. This car stands out because of its look, features, and performance. XUV400 was built incorporating global partners’ expertise (from South Korea) in system calibration and vehicle validation. It has micro-controllers for Smart Vehicle Control Unit and the battery management system. Mahindra has optimized this SUV adhering to global safety standards.

The spacious SUV comes with exciting features and promises an enjoyable experience. It’s the widest e-SUV in the C-segment category and the first passenger vehicle made in India in the non-luxury category with the fastest acceleration. The SUV takes 8.3 seconds to reach a speed of 100 km per hour and can go as fast as 150 km per hour. Once fully charged, it delivers a range of 456km. It comes with a powerful Lithium-ion battery pack of 39.4kW, which lasts a long time. Using the 50 kW DC fast charger, 80% charge can be attained with mere 50 minutes of charging.

Describing the development process of the XUV400, R.Velusamy, President, Automotive Technology & Product Development, M&M Ltd., commented, “We started the development of the XUV400 by leveraging Mahindra’s R&D capability with teams spread across Bengaluru, Pune, and Chennai. We have tested the vehicle globally under extreme weather conditions, along with testing of its fast-charging compatibility (CCS) in multiple geographies to ensure seamless experience for our customers.”

Mahindra is conducting the ‘XUV400 Fun Fest’ across 16 major cities in November 2022. Test drives will be available in December, and customers can book this car in January 2023.

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