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Harting India Is Closely Watching the E-Mobility Market

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Harting India Is Closely Watching the E-Mobility Market

Harting India Private Limited started in 2005, is an auxiliary for Harting Germany. It provides interconnection solutions that cater to several industries. Their products are in most demand in the transportation, infrastructure, and energy sectors. The connectors they manufacture are crucial in updating machinery. Some products they provide are PCB and Interface connectors, System cabling, Ethernet solutions, and switches.

The most successful innovation of Harting India, however, is their ‘Han’ connector. They offer Miniaturization & Integration services and customization solutions whose simulations can be run for testing. Harting’s electrical cabinet innovation slashes installation time by 80%. With all these amazing services and products, Harting India seems like an upcoming global player.

Their director of Market & Product Management, Mr. Arvind Tekur, recently spoke about the company’s intentions of distending in the EV tools manufacturing space. Harting already meets the industry standards of OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in its EV connector gun assemblies. These connector guns are indispensable for EV manufacturers because they act as a connecting cable between the charging device and the electric vehicle’s battery. The company wants to boost its manufacturing locally and has set up a best-in-class facility in Thirumazhisai, Chennai. Arvind also talked about Harting’s alignment with the ‘Make in India’ initiatives of the government and the strategies they’ll devise to meet their objectives.

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