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The hidden innovations advancing EVs

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The hidden innovations advancing EVs

India is still in the beginning phase of its EV revolution. However, the adoption and number of EVs sold are increasing at lightning speed. Evs are no longer an exclusive option for the selected few; they are here to save the future. It is the fastest-growing sector already. Its strong growth rate is expected to continue rising as the government implements various incentives and programs to push the sale of EVs.

The recently developed technological forces that drive the EV revolution are becoming more subtle as they focus on lowering prices and enhancing manufacturing efficiency. The EV sector prioritizes issues such as reducing charging times and enhancing battery and motor capabilities to enhance torque speed and range.

EV designers and developers need to focus on the major issue: the charging time. If the time to charge the EV is shorter, drivers will spend less time waiting at charging stations. However, the charging inlet to the connections, wiring, battery contractors, and every component must be built to withstand greater temperatures associated with high-voltage fast charging.

Even with the subsidies, most people cannot participate in the EV culture. As per KPMG’s analysis, users have limited access to private charging. We need an elaborate public charging infrastructure to speed up the EV adoption process in the country.

EV users consider battery performance a critical factor. They want to maximize their travel distance between charges to ensure that their batteries last as long as possible before needing replacement. Batteries must switch on and off during operational modes for a longer lifespan and protect against abnormal conditions. Indian battery makers are currently experimenting with tungsten, sulfur, zinc-manganese oxide, and other variations to make batteries cheaper, safer, and more durable.

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