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SAR Group Creates India’s Largest EV Technology Centre

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SAR Group Creates India’s Largest EV Technology Centre

The SAR Group mainly focuses on energy storage, home electricals, e-mobility, and clean tech. recently, it established itself in the EV space with Lectrix EV. It has set up India’s largest technology center for indigenous advancements in EV controllers and batteries, motors, drivetrains, and electronics of rechargeable batteries. The 1, 00,000 square feet center is located in Manesar, Haryana, and has several state-of-the-art facilities, costing 300 Crores. SAR aims to improve its R&D aspects with this center qualitatively.

The center boasts a dedicated BMS (Battery Management System) development space, a powertrain development lab, an electric battery and charger lab, and a vehicle control unit. Its engineering design hub has simulation provisions for test runs of tech innovations. The IoT lab in the tech hub helps SAR optimize the integration of EV parts and software. These solutions will drive SAR’s expansion in the EV industry, starting with Lectrix EV. Lectrix has already launched electric scooters and plans on introducing more electric 2-wheelers this year. With the combination of the latest technologies, affordability, and design innovations, it is looking to disrupt the Indian electric 2-wheeler segment.

Speaking about its EV venture, Mr. K Vijaya Kumar, Managing Director & CEO of Lectrix EV, said, “SAR Group’s entry into the electric two-wheeler segment is a natural extension. With advanced R&D capabilities and extensive experience amassed over 35 years in the energy storage and management space, we know how to get the ‘heart’ of an EV right. We are driven by a vision to remove the risk of EV adoption for the Indian consumers, and this technology center will be the fulcrum for this.”

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